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Train Rides are Back!

We are now opening for public train rides again, but in a limited way in order to comply with Covid-19 restrictions.

Rides will be by pre-booked family tickets only, in a specified time slot.

For detailed conditions, and to book tickets, please see our booking page.
Bookings for our next running day will be available 7 days before the event.

Birthday and Other Parties

We'd normally be very happy for you to have your birthday party (or other party) on the site - but sorry, not during the current Covid-19 restrictions

It's an exciting day for the kids (and the adults), and from a train one can see some wonderful cakes!

To make your day a real success, please consider the following points before you come ...

  • Sorry - no alcohol on site. Please see our safety rules.

  • We cannot take bookings for picnic tables - you might like to "reserve" a table by having at least one person get there early to occupy the table. We'd suggest 9:30 am for this, particularly on a busy day like a fine Sunday in winter. If you need two tables, you'll need two occupiers - but no more than two tables please, in fairness to other patrons.

  • There are a few wood-fired BBQs that you are very welcome to use - wood is provided, but you might like to bring some paper, and a match (plus BBQ tools etc). We also have a Sausage Sandwich Stall, and a Canteen that serves tea/coffee, soft drinks, lollies and ice creams.

  • If you're expecting a number of guests, please ask them to pay their own entrance fee individually ($10.00/head for the adults, accompanied children free) and then you can reimburse them later if you wish. The gate person can direct guests towards your table if you let him know where you are.

  • For train rides, party organisers often buy a number of tickets at the beginning of the day, enough for a few rides for each child, say. Surplus tickets (if any!) could be used on another day.

  • If a Total Fire Ban is imposed - always a possibility in the summer - we will not be able to run steam trains (only "diesels"), and the DIY barbecues will be unusable.

  • There's always a possibility of bad weather, so a Plan B would be a good idea. See our timetable page for wet weather information.

Please note that all train passengers must wear fully enclosed footware - not sandals or thongs!

We suggest you wear older clothes when visiting us. We cannot be responsible for damage to clothing or personal property
caused when visiting our bushland venue and / or riding on trains.