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Train Rides!

Galston Valley Railway will once again welcome public visitors, on the 9th April 2023.

Entry will be by pre-purchased Entry tickets only,
with rides available onsite for $3.50 per person per Ride
or $15 per person for an All day Ride Pass

For detailed conditions, and to book entry tickets, please see our booking page.

Galston Valley Railay Merchandise is available from our Merch Store.

Our 5" Track - Information for Visiting Model Engineers

The railway is 5" gauge and ground level. The main line runs for about 1 km through the bush site. Grades are mostly about 1 in 80 but there are some short steeper sections. With a steam loco, careful firing is required and the track is popular for testing the performance of new locos! We have extensive steaming bays, with piped compressed air and 12V available. Of course, petrol and electric locos are also most welcome.

Here is a track plan (we'll be happy to give you a printed copy if you come and run on our track).

We also have a traction engine track, with 12V available for steaming up.

Please note:

  • Please contact the controller of the day before unloading.
  • A current boiler certificate is essential if you plan to run a steam loco or road vehicle.
  • The controller will show you where to unload and will provide a site map showing signals, water, and designated refuelling points for petrol locos.
  • Please wear totally enclosed footware and refrain from smoking while driving or riding.
  • Split pins or other positive securing devices are mandatory for all coupling pins.
  • Speed limits must be observed. There is an overall track limit of 6 km/hr on public running days, and 8 km/hr otherwise, with lower limits as signed.
  • HME Co-op maintains a minimum age of 7 years for operators on non-public running days. Persons 7-17 years inclusive must be under the direct supervision of a competent adult at all times.
  • The controller will ask you to check your brakes before setting out on the track. We have a braking standard which is basically the ability to stop within 10m from 8 km/hr when loaded, and we encourage you to test this for yourself. There is a trackside speedometer on the up line as you run down from the level crossing towards Rabbit Flat.
  • Appropriate lighting an all locos and rear carriages will be required for night running.
  • We reserve the right to decline running permission (or even site entry) to any person.
  • There are similar common-sense safety rules for the traction engine track - please ask for details when unloading.

Our G1 Track - Information for Visiting Operators

Our garden gauge (Gauge One, 45mm) railway is an outdoors elevated layout with the height above ground varying around the circuit. The layout has two circular main lines and multiple sidings that are suitable for loading and unloading trains. The railway has no significant gradients and has an uninterrupted run of about 50 metres on each main line.

For safety and to avoid expensive accidents we have staff present to check boiler certificates (if appropriate) and supervise all train operations. All operators must introduce themselves to the controller and arrange track access and follow all directives. This will facilitate smooth running and is particularly important on days when the public is present.

Please note:

  • Always follow any instructions you receive from the controller and report any problems.
  • A current boiler certificate is required for some steam locos. Please enquire beforehand to determine the requirements for your boiler.
  • Make sure the safety valve on your loco is operating properly - the controller will request a demonstration.
  • Make sure that your fuel containers are labelled correctly and kept sealed.
  • Ensure any fuel spillage is minimised and promptly cleaned up.
  • Butane gas fired locos should be filled away from the track.
  • Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water handy to attend to any fires.
  • Keep your loco under control at all times and avoid speeding.
  • Do not obstruct the running tracks. Use sidings for all servicing.
  • Always reset points after use.
  • Return rolling stock to a suitable location after use.
  • Be sensible when storing boxes and tools - avoid trip hazards.